Who We Are...BoxScore Sports, Inc, is a small, boutique provider of statistical based fantasy sports games. Since our founding in 1983, we have provided an unique form of fantasy games in baseball and football.

We are 100% owned and operated by our "Commissioner", Dave Marshall, who bought the company in 1996 from company founder and game designer Ed Welch. We are large enough to provide an exciting sports experience with a nationwide customer base, but small enough to provide personalized service. As we enter our 24th year, we're proud that we've never missed a weekly deadline for providing game results. The only time Boxscore ever stopped was during the various player strikes!

Our copyrighted games are unique. They are designed to be as realistic as possible. Unlike any of the various "roto" formats, each of our games features head to head competition, realistic game scores, player substitution strategies, and use player stats in ways that makes Boxscore mirror reality.

Boxscore Sports games are truly for "the thinking fan" - a person who follows and appreciates his sport, and wants to test his knowledge of the game and it's players against the best of competition.

Dave Marshall...

Meet the most powerful man at Boxscore Sports Inc. and in all of Fantasy Sports, our beloved "Commissioner", Dave, can be contacted for more information.

Our Customers...

Boxscore customers are a diverse lot, yet some similarities are apparent;

  A majority are in their late 20's or 30's, but a few are teenagers, and 15-20% are over age 50.
  Overwhelmingly male, but a handful of women
  Above average education and income
  Wide variety of jobs and professions, but lawyers, engineers and computer people (we don't use the work "geek") are over represented. The last two Howser Award winners for Outstanding Boxscore Baseball Owner have been lawyers.
  Loyal to Boxscore. Over 90% of owners come back from one year to the next.
  Very knowledgeable and passionate fans. Many subscribe to newsletters like Benson or Shandler in baseball. The father of an NFL coach competes in Boxscore football.
  Most have played other fantasy or rotisserie style games and have moved up to Boxscore for a more realistic and challenging game.

If you think you're ready for some of the fiercest, most realistic, competition in fantasy sports, click here!

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